About US Food Safety Corporation

How It Began

Hi, my name is Susan and I was a sales consultant for the food industry. Like a lot of people, I watch the evening news on TV. I also read the "crawl" scrolling across the bottom of the screen. One evening as I was eating dinner and watching the news, I saw a word on the crawl that startled me: "tomatoes." I had to watch the crawl twice. Yes, there was a problem with tomatoes. I was eating a salad and dropped my fork.

Everyone was talking about it. News reports gave different accounts of the same story. It was confusing. One day I was in the market and an older woman I never met before asked me if she should buy tomatoes.

For weeks after, the crawl had items about food recalls. It was almost a weekly event. I began a personal mission to find answers. What I found, or should I say didn't find, amazed me. There was no single source of information for people to learn about food recalls and food supply problems. It was spread out on various U.S. government web sites, state government web sites, industry newsletters, press reports, and other places. That gave me the inspiration for USFoodSafety.com.

About the Company

US Food Safety Corporation was founded in 2008. The company is privately funded and located in Massachusetts.

The mission of US Food Safety is to be the premier "one-stop" source of consumer information related to food recalls, food safety alerts, and safe food handling practices. In the short time since the company was founded, USFoodSafety.com has become an acclaimed resource and the Blog is the recipient of several awards.

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